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We are currently looking for investment. If you are interested in invest in AnCatt and its amazing next generation anti-corrosion coating platform technology, please feel free to contact us. Current zinc based anti-corrosion coatings are not effective and the known zinc reserve will be depleted around 2020. The regulations are phasing out the toxic heavy-metal based anti-corrosion coating technologies rather sooner. Other heavy-metal free anti-corrosion coating technologies are too weak in performances. AnCatt is the future of the multi-billion dollar heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating market. Direct corrosion cost accounted for 3-4% of a country's GDP worldwide.
Here is the slide show:
AnCatt Technology Investor Slide Deck

Why invest in us?

  • First Conductive Polymer Anti-Corrosion Coating Success after 30+ years of world-wide effors hundreds of patents and papers
  • First coating can outperform chromated coatings, DoD has been searching for such a solution for several decades
  • First time heavy-metal free anti-corrosion coatings can achieve the performance of heavy-metal pigmented coatings
  • World-record accelerated corrosion test hour of 13,000 hrs of salt fog (ASTM B 117) vs. current best performance of 2,000 to 5,000 hrs, still no rusting or blistering
  • Cost effective
  • Award winning: American Chemical Society Green Chemistry and Engineering, TechConnect National Innovation Award
  • Great Team and Advisors

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    We are located in northen Delaware, central east coast near Philadelphia, and halfway between the New York City and Washington D.C.



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    AnCatt, 1st place winner, ACS Green Chemistry Business Plan Competition

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