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Environmentally Friendly Anti-Corrosion Pigment

with super anti-corrosion abilities

Conductive polymer can be used as a corrosion inhibitor was stated in 2000 Nobel Chemistry Award. In the past couple decades, many companies have tried to use this property to develop a novel heavy-metal free and "smart" high performance anti-corrosion pigment that could protect a wide range of metals including galvanized steel, zinc, and aluminum. Recently, AnCatt utilized new concepts and our unique conducting polymer dispersion eventually brought this dream into reality. Our Environmentally Friendly Anti-Corrosion Coatings utilized this new anti-corrosion pigment have withstood over 13,000 hours of Salt Fog Exposure (ASTM B 117) tests with no appearance of rust or blister. This novel environment friendly, "smart" anti-corrosion pigment will become the new super start on the anti-corrosion pigment market.

Our anti-corrosion pigment features

- Heavy-metal free

- "Smart": scratch and pinhole tolerant

- Proven super anti-corrosion ability: 13,000 hours of accelerated salt fog tests (ASTM B 117) with no appearance of rust and blister and less than 1 mm of undercutting

- It could protect a wide range of metals beside iron/steel, for example, Zinc, Aluminum, Copper , Silver, Titanium, etc.

- Excellent Adhesion

- Light weight

- Innovative technology


Testing results of our super anti-corrosion pigment

Salt Fog Exposure (ASTM B 117) on coated cold roll steel (CRS) panel after 5,000 hours exposure. The incision line area was scraped before picture taking.


Result: No rust, No blister and Lesss than 1 mm undercutting

Cyclic Weathering (ASTM D 5894) on coated aluminum panel after 6,500 hours exposure. The brown sparkles are rust splashed from steel panels.


Result: No rust, No blister and Lesss than 1 mm undercutting

Please visit the corrosion test page for more photos and detailed testing data

Intersted in using our new super anti-corrosion pigment?

Currently we are working on organize manufacture this new pigment, and it will become availabe to the market soon. If you would like to license and manufacture this novel anit-corrosion pigment or be notified when it become availabe, please fill out the form below.

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