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Technology Transfer

Technology licensing and commercializations

We are seeking partners to transfer/license our technology products. Our technology not only can produce phenomenal results as displayed in our web pages (CorrosionTest Results, Polyaniline Dispersion), the manufacturing process was also well engineered with strong considerations on environmental impact and economy.

Licensing Process

  1. Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement
  2. Craft and Sign memorandum including a process fee
  3. Negotiations
  4. Sign The Licensing Contract (the contract usually contains an initial fee and a royalty)

Please fill out the form below to show your interest in licensing our technologies.

You are interested in licensing and manufacturing - Check ALL items that applies
Anti-Corrosion Coating Technology, including;
  1. formulation for the primer
  2. formulation for the top coat
  3. formulation for the weathering resistant top coat
Conductive Polymer Composites
Propose your own licensing structure
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