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Zinc-Free Anti-Corrosive Coating

Heavy-Metal Free, Stronger Performance, Lower Cost, and Much Longer Performance Life

We are introducing the Environmentally Friendly High Performance Anti-corrosion Coating Technology, which does not employ conventional toxic/carcinogenic heavy-metal anti-corrosion pigments such as chromates and lead compounds, not even less toxic but sacrificial zinc/zinc compounds while providing unprecedented heavy-duty corrosion protections for all sorts of metals. to metals. After 13,000 hrs of salt fog test, the coating still exhibits no rusting or blistering and perfect tape adhesion test results. It could be used to protect aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, and magnesium


  • With zinc price skyrocketing, our technology will serve as an outstanding lower cost replacement for anti-corrosive coatings containing Zinc/Zinc Compounds with much
  • longer performance life which means
  • Much less maintenance,
  • Stronger corrosion resistance, and
  • Even more friendlier to the environment, it's heavy-mental free by employ our unique invention of conductive polymer dispersion as anti-corrosion pigment
  • Our coating technology also provides excellent protection for Zinc itself and Aluminum.

Our accelerated corrosion  tests were conducted by the well-known third party independent corrosion test laboratory KTA of U.S.A.  The top row of the comparison photos are the front of the steel (crs) panels coated with AnCatt CPND coating; bottom row are the back side of the panels coated with acrylic coatings by KTA. 5,000 hrs is the maximum test hour according to salt fog test (ASTM B 117) standards.  When reached 5,000 hrs of testing, coating was still intact, already been recognized as the best result ever been seen by industry experts.  After 8,372 hrs of testing, the coating still can provide excellent pull-off adhesion and perfect tape adhesion results. Please notice the coating seal-iteslf from further rust expansion at the scribelines. We waited until 13,000 hrs, the rusting and blistering still remained the perfect score of 10 which is a total miracle.   Please see the corrosion test page or the full lab report for more details.

Our coatings have withstood over 10,000 hours of Salt Fog Exposure and Cyclic Weathering tests with no appearance of rust or blister. Test for longer period is still underway. Please visit the Corrosion Test page for detailed laboratory data and pictures. If you would like to test our anti-corrosion technology, please contact us to request coated sample panels. Currently we are seeking partners to licensing/commercialize this new technology. Read more about this technology.


If you are interested in our technologies or have any question/comment, please Contact Us. .

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