iBarrier Coating

A much longer lasting Anti-corrosion Paint without using toxic heavy-metals such as chromate, lead, or zinc.

iBarrier Coating

Continuously repainting metal structurers is the only way to fight marine corrosion which is very costly and it is the No. 1 reason for navy sailor turnover. AnCatt coating can stop the continuous repainting!

iBarrier Coating

Corrosion poses serious threat to energy infrastructures and is a huge threat to the oil & gas and offshore wind industries.

iBarrier Coating

The highly toxic and carcinogenic hexavalent chromium (Cr6) was the only effective anti-corrosion pigment for aviation aluminum - until now.

iBarrier Coating

Corrosion is a leading reason for automotive recalls.

iBarrier Coating

We can develop customized anti-corrosion coating needs for your unique needs using our award-winning next generation anti-corrosion coating platform.






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AnCatt is the developer and producer of the first successful conductive polymer based anti-corrosion coating after over 30 years of worldwide intense research efforts. AnCatt Miracle iBarrier™ with Conductive Polymer Nano Dispersion (CPND) is the first heavy metal-free, heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating system. Our non-toxic, environmentally friendly product outperforms zinc-based coatings by six times in longevity.

  • Long Lasting

    Our unique formula has broken a world-record of 13,000 hours of salt fog testing (ASTM B 117) without blistering or rusting — the biggest improvement in anti-corrosion performance ever that stands out from competing technologies.

  • Broad Application

    AnCatt Miracle iBarrierTM is ideal for a broad range of applications in various industries which include Marine, off-shore structures, aerospace, automotive, tanks, refineries, chemical/petroleum processing, pipelines, bridges and more.

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- "AnCatt's environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coating platform can provide unprecedented corrosion protection for all sorts of metals."
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