The Next Generation of Anti-Corrosion Coatings Platform: 
– Free of Toxic Heavy-Metals,
– Much-Longer-Lasting,
– Much-Easier-To-Use

anti-corrosion paint and coatings

After a century-long worldwide quest, anti-corrosion coatings are finally free of toxic heavy-metals, a legend is born.  AnCatt has successfully developed the world’s first and only heavy-metal free (green) high-performance anti-corrosion coating, a revolutionary coating technology platform for metal corrosion protection with both unprecedented performance and sustainability.  AnCatt Rust-LegendTM anti-corrosion paint is the world’s first and only heavy-metal free (toxic free) high-performance anti-corrosion paint, and surprisingly, it is also the longest lasting one, outlasted current best products by a whopping over six-times in corrosion durability tests such as salt fog (ASTM B 117) and still don’t know when the rust will come out. 

AnCatt Rust-LegendTM coating technology has been use in hundreds of independent corrosion tests and has been vetted and awarded by the leading scientific and industrial organizations, including the American Chemical Society (ACS), the National Innovation Summit, the RICE Alliances, the National Science foundation (NSF), NASA, U.S. Department of State, USAID, & NIKE.   AnCatt Rust-LegendTM coating also passed a 2.5 year marine-outdoor, three zones (submerge, tidal, atmosphere) exposure test on the North Sea, survived ice drag formed on the ocean surface, and still remained flawless.   AnCatt just received the Solar Impulse Foundation efficient product label in November 2020.

Anti-Corrosion Coating Efficient Product Label by Solar Impulse Foundation, Switzerland

AnCatt Anti-Corrosion Coating Received Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Product label


AnCatt Rust-Legend coating consists of a unique conducting polymer nano dispersion (CPND) based primer, a top layer and an optional inter layer. The polymer envelops the surface of metal and transforms the top layer into a thin but dense metal oxide layer. This system functions as an unique and effective barrier that protects metals from corrosion without using any current heavy-metal anti-corrosion pigment such as chromate, lead, or zinc. AnCatt coating technology significantly out performs current anti-corrosion coating products on the market by 3-6 times in corrosion durability, while also been the first ever heavy-metal free (green) high-performance anti-corrosion paint that can pass a standard high-performance corrosion test.  AnCatt Rust-Legend anti-corrosion paint is the exciting next-generation anti-corrosion coating platform for all metal surface corrosion preventions.


Current Anti-Corrosion Technologies and their disadvantages

  • No heavy-metal free high-performance anti-corrosion coating product on the market:  No heavy-metal free anti-corrosion coating can pass 1,000 hours of standard high performance corrosion test, such as salt fog test (ASTM B 117).   There is currently no heavy-metal free high-performance anti-corrosion paint on the market.
  • Highly toxic and cancerogenic anti-corrosion pigments such as chromates (Cr) and lead (Pb) are phasing out by regulations.  EU REACH program already put Cr on the sunset list (a banned list).  
  • Environmentally compliant Zinc (Zn) based pigments accounts for about 85% of current market, but not effective, still a marine pollutant, and cannot protect all metals
    – However, Zinc is less effective, requires a very thick and heavy coating layer to provide the sacrificial corrosion prevention mechanism:  the thicker layer of zinc to be sacrificed to corrosion, the longer lasting of the coating before been scratched off to bare metal to be repainted with a new layer of zinc coating (contains over 80% of zinc powders) to be sacrificed to corrosion, since zinc is more active than steel therefore attracts corrosion first and spare steel from corrosion in that way.  The best zinc coating on the market can only stand up to five-years in a typical marine environment, before been scratched off to bare metal and to be repainted.  It is a very expensive process typically cost around one hundred million dollar per large infrastructure repainting project such as a large bridge or an offshore oil rig. 
    – Zinc cannot protect aluminum which is a major aviation material.  Aviation industry has to use the most effective but also the most toxic chromates to ensure the safety of their equipment.  Still corrosion accounts for 80% of aviation mainteance costs. 
    – Environmentally compliant zinc is typically harmless to human, but it is still a marine pollutant that kills fishes and marine animals.   Zinc paint is prohibited to be used around ports and certain water to preserve their marine eco-system.

AnCatt Rust-Legend Coating Features

  • Heavy-Duty Anti-Corrosion Protection: Withstands over 13,000 hours of Salt Fog (ASTM B 117) with no rusting or blistering. The test panels had no visible changes in appearance: no cracking, flaking, or chalking
  • Environmentally Friendly: The primer contains no heavy-metal pigments such as Zinc, Chromate, or Lead
  • Strong Adhesion: Tensile adhesion (pull-off strength) on samples was 700-800 psi, following 1,100 hours cyclic weathering exposure. Tape adhesion tests on samples received a perfect score of 5A for each replicates following 8,300 hours of salt fog exposure
  • Scratch and Pinhole Tolerant/Self-Healing
  • Protects Many Metals besides Iron/steel. For example: Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper , Silver, Titanium, etc.
  • Surface Tolerant
  • Two-Component aliphatic urethane is used as the topcoat resin that provides:
  • Exceptional gloss retention
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Thin & Light Weight: Less than 1/2 current coating thickness
  • Low Raw Materials Costs
  • Easy to Manufacture: manufactured with traditional equipment
  • Easy to Apply: Applicable with current paint application equipment

Please see our company product brochure for more details.

Independent Corrosion Test Results

Our accelerated corrosion tests were conducted by the well known U.S.-based third party independent corrosion test laboratory KTA. The top row of comparison photos are the front of the steel (crs) panels coated with AnCatt CPND coating; the bottom row is the back side of the panels coated with acrylic coatings by KTA. 5,000 hrs is the maximum test hour according to salt fog test (ASTM B 117) international standard. When 5,000 hrs of testing was reached, AnCatt’s coating was still intact, which has been recognized by the industry experts as the best result ever been seen. After 8,372 hrs of testing, the coating still can provide excellent pull-off adhesion and perfect tape adhesion results. Notice that the coating sealed itself from further rust expansion at the scribe lines. We waited until 13,000 hrs and amazingly, the rusting and blistering remained at a perfect score of 10. Please visit the corrosion test page or the full lab report for more details.

anti-corrosion paint and coatings corrosion test comparision

Industry Media:

  • “AnCatt Environmentally-Friendly Anti-Corrosion Coating Platform Can Provide Unprecedented Corrosion Protection for All Sorts of Metals.”

    – CoatingsPro Magazine

  • “Independent Corrosion Tests shown This is a Successful Conductive Polymer-Based Anti-Corrosion Coating Technology, And The First Non-Chromate Coating That Has Out-Performed Hexavalent Chromate Coatings.  It is Also The First Heavy-Metal-Free Heavy-Duty Anti-Corrosion Coating Technology.”  

    – PCI Magazine

  • “Protective Coating Reaching New Highs In Sustainability And Performance.”

    Industrial Coating World Magazine

  • “AnCatt Coating Holds The Promises To Revolutionize The Anti-Corrosion Coating Markets.”  

    Chemical Informer



Our coating system withstands severe conditions to protect structural steel, pipelines, tanks, bridges, offshore platforms, wind farms, nuclear power plants, marine hulls, ports, superstructures, decks, airplane, automobiles, agriculture equipment, etc. Currently our target market includes the Energy, Oil/Gas, Power, Mining, Machineries, Automobile and Aerospace industries.

Our primer serves as an excellent heavy-metal free replacement for existing heavy-metal based coatings with even stronger anti-corrosion abilities. Our current formulation is vinyl wash primers and epoxy primers. Other products are still underway. We also have a low VOC and a water-borne anti-corrosion system.


Anti-Corrosion Market

Worldwide, trillions of dollars are lost to corrosion annually. In fact recent studies estimate the direct cost of corrosion in the United States to be nearly $300 billion dollars per year.  

The global anti-corrosion coating market is estimated at $63 billion.  All current high-performance anti-corrosion paints using toxic heavy-metals such as chromates, lead, and zinc, as anti-corrosion pigment.

Hexavalent Chromate is a well-known carcinogen and is highly toxic to the environment. Government regulations are tightening on its usage world wide. The toxic effect became very well-known through the 2000 Hollywood blockbuster Erin Brockovich (starring Julia Roberts). This now-classic film depicted a real-life case of drinking water contaminated with hexavalent chromate that resulted in the largest legal settlement in U.S. history.

Due to their superior anti-corrosion abilities, primers containing chromate are still being produced by most major paint companies, since their performance has not yet met by other material. Currently, the environmentally compliant market standard of zinc/zinc oxides cannot protect light-metals such as aluminum and galvanized steel, and they are less effective in severe corrosive environments. Furthermore, the price of zinc has skyrocketed in the past couple years, and at current usage levels, zinc reserves are facing complete depletion around the year 2027.

Enter AnCatt’s conducting polymer (polyaniline-based) anti-corrosion coating. Our unique formula has outlived 13,000 hrs of salt fog testing. Not only is this coating the 1st successful polyaniline-based anti-corrosion coating after 40-years of worldwide intense research efforts in this field, it is also better than any anti-corrosion coating technology on the market today.

Corrosion costs trillions of dollars worldwide — roughly 3-4% of a country’s GDP. Based on a Federal Highway Administration two-year study on U.S. corrosion cost published in 2002, the 2001 U.S. direct corrosion cost was estimated at $276 billion, and the indirect cost was estimated at about the same amount. Organic coating, the most widely used corrosion protection method, accounts for 88.3% of total direct corrosion protection method costs, and was a $106 market in the U.S. alone in 2001. Read more on U.S. corrosion impact, cost and development.


Environmental Impact of AnCatt Anti-Corrosion Paint

Metal lifted up humanity from bronze age to iron age, and even intensify in the modern age, from building construction to bridges, highways, automotive, aviation, shipping, pipelines, machineries. Therefore, metal corrosion or the aging and death of metal is one of the largest costs of our economy if it is not the largest cost driver. However, metal corrosion has been believed to be an unstoppable natural force, the only way to fight back is continuous repainting and replacing which is very expensive to the economy and to the environment. In addition, current technologies using toxic heavy-metals to combat the unstoppable and very expensive metals corrosion, higher the toxicity, better the anti-corrosion performance, with carcinogenic chromates been the most effective.

AnCatt anti-corrosion coating technology historical breakthrough can put the unstoppable natural force of corrosion to an unprecedented halt and yet without using any toxic heavy-metals, will bring humanity to a brand-new age of unprecedented sustainability, resources, and possibility. Therefore, AnCatt anti-corrosion coating technology breakthrough can solve some of the greatest problems that are facing the humanity today: global warming, infrastructure budget crisis, waste, diminishing of natural resources, and environmental contamination, especially heavy-metal contamination from the metal coatings. AnCatt technology can release enormous amount of resources currently wasted in the never-ending corrosion battle to improve quality of living and bring world peace, including on the metal surfaces.

The last Verrazano Narrow’s bridge repainting project budgeted at a quarter billion. If the paint can last six-times longer the direct repainting saving will be $4.5 billion for the next 60 years, if I only count 3.2% interest and not counting growth rate. Or one-million-dollar worth of our paint can save $180 million in direct bridge repainting cost. The indirect repainting costs such as painting bridge caused traffic congestions is ten times (10X) the cost of painting bridges itself.

Sure, huge saving will lead to huge carbon reduction, but more important it includes the two most intensive man-made source of CO2 emissions: steel production and cement production that produce 3.5 and 2 gig ton CO2 emission a year. 40% of steel produced a year is used to replace corroded steel that produces 1.4 (3.5*.4)) gig ton CO2 emission a year. If the paint can make the steel lasts six-times longer that will reduce about .5 gig tone CO2 emission a year which is enough to stop global warming. In addition, 90% of concrete failures were because of the corrosion of rebar inside, cement is the main ingredient of concrete. 

Using AnCatt heavy-metal free paint can also reduce the environmental mitigation costs associated with heavy-metals used in anti-corrosion paint contaminating water and soil during paint application, maintenance, and after life.  Hexavalent chromate is the No. 1 toxic enemy of the military and aviation industry.  Lead already caused the Flint lead water crisis. Environmentally compliant Zinc is account for over 85% of the market, but it is still a marine pollutant and it is not effective with limited performance life.

AnCatt next generation anti-corrosion paint provide excellent adhesion to metal surface using a unique chemical bonding, not current physical bonding therefore could effectively prevent corrosion while avoiding the expensive and toxic surface preparation process to enlarge the surface area in order to enhance the physical bonding between paint and metal surface. AnCatt technology eliminated the expensive surface preparation could cut the repainting time, cost, and pollution by nearly half.

AnCatt paint is much thinner and without using any heavy-metals, therefore make coating much lighter that could help reduce infrastructure weight and save energy needed to propel a protected metal structures such as a ship.

AnCatt paint can protect all kinds of metals therefore reduces the number of paints have to maintain to protect different metals.

Since AnCatt Rust Legend Anti-Corrosion Paint is much easier to use without the expensive and toxic special surface preparation and the paint itself if toxic free, therefore, will open up the high-end anti-corrosion coatings to the consumer market the first time without special application training and certifications.


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