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AnCatt Invited Speaker at 8th Annual World Congress of Advanced Material, Osaka, Japan

AnCatt CTO Was Invited Speaker at the 8th Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials, Osaka Japan on July 22-24.

AnCatt Won A Marine Industrial Pitch, Melbourne, Australia

For the marine and port authorities. Congratulations!

AnCatt has been picked as the winners of the Investor Pitch at FounderSpace

Winners: Super Startups Pitch at Founders Space

AnCatt has been invited to Plug and Play Spring Summit, Silicon Valley

AnCatt Coating Saves Costs For Offshore Wind Industry

AnCatt coating can save offshore wind industry from the unsustainable repainting costs required by corrosion.

Wind energy has been named the No. 1 source of future clean energy. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all invest in wind energy in 2017. However, current wind energy is not available to the populated but corrosive coastal region. The offshore wind industry has been killed by the expansive repainting cost required by corrosion based on a research report released by Germany’s Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Offshore wind turbine maintenance cost is 100 times more expansive than a new turbine itself! (Learn More)

Report shows how offshore North and Baltic Sea wind turbines need to be in operation for 25 years before they become profitable, but that they are prone to shortened lifespans due to rust from the harsh sea environment. As a result, the wind turbine installations need extra and very costly maintenance to ensure that they survive long enough. It’s turning out to be an insurmountable challenge. Now merely half-way through the designed wind turbine life span, the corrosion maintenance cost will only increase as the wind turbine ages.

Regardless of all sorts of innovation attempts, for hundreds of years, anti-corrosion paint performance remained in couple thousand hours salt fog corrosion test range and always using heavy-metals such as chromate, lead, or zinc. AnCatt company developed the world’s first high performance anti-corrosion paint without using any heavy-metals, and surprisingly independent corrosion tests indicated this environmentally friendly paint also provided a record setting over six-times durability/longer-lasting than the best product on the market while with fraction of the coating thickness, perfect tape adhesions, self-sealing, and no expansive surface preparations. The last Verrazano Narrow’s Bridge repainting project budgeted at a quarter billion dollar. If the paint can last six-time longer, the save for the next 60 years will be $4.5 billion if I only count 3.2% inflation. Or $1 million worthy of our paint can save $180 million in direct bridge repainting cost. The indirect bridge repainting cost such as the painting caused traffic congestions is estimated at 10 times the cost of painting bridge itself.

AnCatt heavy-metal free coating success is especially important in the face that the know zinc reserve only can last for another decade or so. And zinc based anti-corrosion coating is current environmentally complaint market standard, accounts for over 80% of the market share. What should we use to continue the corrosion protections for the vital infrastructures after depletion? AnCatt is the answer the industry has been searching for nearly a half century. AnCatt company is currently seeking commercial partners, investment, and support from media and the general public for fast adaptation of its high impact green technology.


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